Château de La Redorte

Pricing & Purchasing

Only a few properties remain at the Château de La Redorte development. To view details, prices and floor plans of each property, click the two titles below.

Prices at Domaine de la Mandoune range between €250,000 through to €511,000.

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Unit B1: Duplex within the vineyard estate

  • 2 bedrooms   |  74.68m2
  • Terrace: 18.75m2  |  Garden: 105m2
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Unit C6: Apartment within the vineyard estate

  • 1 bedroom   |  39.59m2 
  • Terrace: 8.75m2  |  No garden

Buying options

There are basically two different ways to purchase properties at the Château de La Redorte - outlined below. To read more detail about these options, read our Buying Options Guide.

  1. Outright: You purchase the property - and only you use it.
  2. Outright + Management: You purchase the property, and it is then rented out (by a management company) as a holiday home when you're not using it. You share in any rental income.

Purchasing procedure

Property purchases in France are well protected by French law. To find out more about the property buying process and all of the steps involved, read our Guide to the Purchasing Procedure.

Other questions

For answers to many other questions - from insurance to legal issues to management charges to 'furniture packs' - simply contact us.

Tight regulation makes buying property in France very safe.